We all have rhythm and it’s around us all the time – take a look  around you –

the moon and stars are constantly rising and falling in a Universal rhythm;

so does the tides ... 


In fact we all had 9 months of rhythmic training in the womb.  The mystics and philosophers say that everything in the Universe is vibration – from the cells of our bodies to the wood on your desk, the only thing that distinguishes wood from metal is the frequency of the vibration.


A new movement is starting – a movement of people who just want to have fun playing rhythms.  These new enthusiasts don’t only look to the drum for inspiration, but play a whole host of instruments like bells, wood and shakers – collectively known as percussion.  In this experience lies therapeutic value and stress/anger release.


Mine is the honour of being the drum facilitator – the task that of guidance of the circle until it becomes a self-facilitating percussion and drum orchestra !


Everyone is regarded as equal, everyone important and everyone welcome – there are no age limits, ability limits or discrimination of any sorts!!!


Benefits in drumming:





As one participates in a group – the experience is that of belonging


·       Anger release


·       Drumming enables one to be disengaged from other thoughts, focussing and (most importantly) being fully aware in the present moment


·       At times your mind is not concerned anymore so much, thus constitutes rest and rejuvenation.


·       This activity powerfully releases trapped creative energy, leaving one feeling a sense of freedom





To provide the opportunity to be creative, to bond, learn and make decisions and have a lot of fun – mostly outdoors!!

A focus on personal development within a team-ness context


Our team will guide you through a positive process to:

·       Break down barriers

Encourage communication

Identify potential leadership

Create a sense of team spirit within school/club or corporate groups



Fun (specially for kids of all ages!)


·       Excitement

·       Thrills

·       Spills

·       Integrating left and right brain activity

·       Barriers are broken down: i.e. age/gender/


·       Building your self-esteem


·       The visual as well as auditory/motor coordination is strengthened



·       Fun!!!



Drum – Circles :


Drumming in general may enhance ! :

  • Self expression , Self-esteem , Spiritual connectedness.

  • Memory Mood , Mental clarity , Meeting the true Self.

  • Co-ordination, Community , confidence , Creativity.

  • Concentration , Communication , Comprehension.

  • Personal power , Profound inner – Peace , Patience.

  • Health , Brain Hemispheric , Synchrony , Healing.

  • Conscious Awakening to our life’s Dream.

[crediting my mentor – Master Drummer – HeleniQ Argyrou].



Drum fee :[ current including facilitator and drum-hire ]


– R150 per person per session.

* Price may vary in future due to cost increase.

* Allowance can be made with Facilitator for Tour Operators / Venue Owners to negotiate a percentage for creating bookings.


– Maximum group 30 , preferred and obviously then price is negotiable


+ [ we have drummed 50 PERSONS successfully, should there be a need] .


– Minimum group 10 persons , depending location.


– Session : 60 minutes.


– Venue ( mostly organized by Tour Operators : normally free as is included accommodation , but can be negotiated if needs be / – we go where you want us ! )


Transport cost is an additional fee.


* We work on a system of :

50 % deposit on confirmation of booking + 50 % when session completed.




Sound Journey :


A Sound Journey is a powerful sensation of “vibration – travel” designed to initially shift tension and ultimately encourage a deep state of relaxation and inner peace. Sound Journeys can be offered in addition to the drum circles , if so desired , yet at an extra cost and extended time factor.