Art Exhibition :

Millennium Gallery, Pretoria

An Exhibition of sculpture and works by

21st September 1999 - 12th October 1999

On exhibition was a body of work consisting of freestanding sculptures, wall sculptures / works and computer processed prints. 

Materials used are metal, stone, wood, bronze and a variety of found objects, natural and man made. This latest body of works, although completely different from previous work, is nevertheless a natural and logical progression of the eighties "existentialist" period. Previous works were primarily figurative. The present work is non-figurative yet suggestive of human form and content. Another continuance throughout Moolman's work is the element of time. Time is referred to in the reprocessed industrial cast offs, natural stone components and the natural and contrived surfaces. The titles of certain works further create an awareness of the relativity of time by placing the spectator in an imaginary future, causing the work to be viewed as artifacts from a past era or civilization. The archaic artifactness of certain works are enhanced by the museum type mounting devices. The suggestion of ritual in certain works evokes ancient myths and beliefs. Symbols used are the circle, horn, sun and moon, which covertly refer to male, female and the eternal.

The body of work is directly influenced by stone-age art as well as all aspects pertaining to pre-history and archaeology. Directional in Moolman's work is the idea that a period, a unit of time, spanning the early stone age up to the twentieth century machine age, has concluded and that the new period, the so called electronic age, has placed mankind again at the beginning, a stage akin to the Pliocene age, when the first stone was chipped.

A Row of pebbles

Scenes from the exhibition:

A Row of pebbles

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A Row of pebbles

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