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There is no other place I know

that is so heavy with atmosphere,

so strangely and darkly impregnated with that stuff of life

that bears the authentic stamp of South-Africa.


Herman Charles Bosman

Marico Revisited

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The author Herman Charles Bosman, one of South-Africa's best known short story writers,

held the Marico in high esteem. 


He wrote many wonderful stories full of humour about the Marico and its people. 


Map of South-Africa showing the locality of Groot-Marico

Where is the Marico?


The Marico District is situated in the North-West Province

in the Republic of South-Africa. 


Towns located in this area are: Zeerust, Swartruggens, Groot-Marico and Nietverdiend. 


The town Groot-Marico (it means Big-Marico) is named after the Groot-Marico river, one of the few perennial rivers in this area. The name has got nothing to do with the size of the town, which is very small. Groot-Marico is well known for its beautiful African bushveld surroundings and the special kind of hospitality of its people. It is the ideal place to come to when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.


We invite you to come and experience the spirit and hospitality of the Marico firsthand!



Did you know?


Groot-Marico was one of the last places in South-Africa

to upgrade from a manual telephone exchange

to an automatic telephone exchange. 


Previously it was quite an effort to get connected to the web,

now it is a pleasure! 


Do yourself a favour and read the article that appeared in the Business Day for a hilarious look at IT from the Marico in the olden days ...


The friendly telephone exchange personnel busy helping us to get connected to the outside world.


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Calendar of Activities

in and around Groot-Marico





Greetings from the Groot Marico – lovely green and lush after good rains.


I hope that your diary  for 2017 is not too full with work and commitments  and that you love yourself enough to take a break and plan it now, before everything gets too hectic.


Naturally we want you to consider  a visit to the Groot Marico, because we have absolute faith in the rejuvenating and healing qualities of this place ... did not the writer H C Bosman says ..


“there is no other place i know  that is so heavy with atmosphere,

so strangely and darkly impregnated with that stuff of life

that bears  the authentic stamp of South Africa “


(Marico Revisited)


So this is an invite to some of the events and activities that we will host this year :







    20 - 22nd October 2017

  Groot Marico Bosman Weekend

Any time

Mampoer and story and historical tours for groups can be arranged at any time .


If you need more information on any of the above  - just ask and we will let you have more details.


Greetings to you , hope to see you in the Marico this year and take care!



Santa van Bart

Groot Marico Visitors Information Centre



Monthly - Mampour and Story Tour


Contact Santa at the Information Centre or 083 272 2958 or 014 503 0085 for information and bookings.



Weekend and day outings for specific interest groups can be arranged.

Contact Santa at the Information Centre or 083 272 2958 or

014 503 0085


Contact the Information Centre for more information

on any of the above mentioned activities.


The Information Centre in the main street of Groot Marico (the big house with the big “ I “ and stairs from the street.)


Bookings can be done by email at:  

or you can phone Cell No 083 2722 958 or tel 014 503 0085 and speak to Santa





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The Information Centre


Make Groot-Marico your next weekend Bushveld destination.


Only two hours away from Gauteng.


Marico Information Centre

We offer:




The Information Centre can be found in the main street of Groot-Marico

  behind high stone walls which was build by the Italian prisoners of war during the Second World War.



Map showing the location of the Information Centre:


GPS Coordinates: 

Decimal Degrees:  Latitude -25.595381° Longitude 26.413614°

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds: S 25°35'43.37",  E 26°24'49.01"


View Larger Map


For more information:


PHONE The Information Centre in Groot-Marico at Cell No 083 2722 958 and speak to Santa

Or WRITE to: The Information Centre, P.O. Box 28, Groot-Marico, The Republic of South-Africa, 2850

Or send an Email message to


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