A Row of pebbles

Special Offer No. 1: 

Buy a Hands-free Cellphone Kit for only R10.00!

It is guaranteed to work!

Hands-free Telephone Kit

A Row of pebbles

Special Offer No. 2: 

The ideal present for the busy executive who has got almost everything:

The perfect office!

Executive chair

A Row of pebbles

Check this one out: Bill Gates must have been bored!

     Follow these steps:
     Open  MS Word.
     Type the following :       = rand (200,99)
     Press Enter
     Wait a few seconds (3-5) and check it out...

A Row of pebbles

If you are feeling like this ...

Where do you fit in?

Why don't you come to the Marico for a weekend to recover?

A Row of pebbles

And you thought you were overworked?

Maybe you should think again ...

Overloaded Donkey Cart

A Row of pebbles

Listen to

Poopy's Lovesong!

(177 kb)

Origin unknown

A Row of pebbles

A Row of pebbles

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A Row of pebbles

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