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The Art Factory

The Art Factory is a small shop situated in the Information Centre in the main street of Groot-Marico.  Local artists are given the opportunity to present and sell their wares. All items are hand made. You can buy anything from an elephant (statue) to a needle. You will get wonderful presents here for your loved ones. Egbert, the shop manager, is a mine of information on anything in the Marico. He is a guy with a very long beard. You cannot miss him!

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Local Artists

All the Pictures below are links to the various artists information. Just click on the pictures to get to the info!

This is an example of a keyholder. The design was developed for the Anglo Boer War Commemoration.

Elize de Villiers

  • Leather Work - Handbags, purses, book covers etc.
Sunset in the Marico

Arno Faul

  • Nature Photography
Johan Lemmer carving a statue from wood

Johan Lemmer

  • Sculpting
  • Painting
  • Writing

Johann Moolman

  • Artist / Sculptor

  • Johann is a professional artist / sculptor / painter whose works are exhibited all over the world.

The model of an ox wagon is made to the finest detail.

Pieter Scheepers

  • Builder of model ox-wagons
  • Makes wooden pipes
Piet van Niekerk making a whip

Piet van Niekerk

  • Whipmaking - Oom Piet is an expert in the art of whipmaking. 

A Row of pebbles

Contact the Information Centre for more information.

Phone Santa at Cell 083 2722 958 or send an Email message to:


A Row of pebbles

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