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Exciting ways

to make money from home!





Forex Trading is a fantastic way of earning income.



I'd like to share a few facts about forex trading:


1. It is a 100% legal activity in South Africa

    Forex trading is regulated by the Financial Services Board (www.fsb.co.za) in South Africa

    Anybody can and may do it - there are no specific educational requirements.

    There is only one restriction: You are allowed to trade only with your own money. You are not allowed to trade on behalf of other people, you will need a FSP 2.12 license from the FSB to trade on behalf of other people.

2. Forex trading is a 24 hour per day activity - you can trade anytime during the day or night between Monday morning and Friday evening. The markets are closed over weekends.


3. You can trade part time / full time and if you do not have the time to trade, you can even get other people to trade for you (managed accounts / social trading).


4. The income potential is mind boggling!



There are 2 ways to become involved:


1. You can learn to trade and will trade your own account whenever you have time, no matter wherever you are. Trading can be done part time or full time.


2. If you do not have the time or skill to trade then you can use professional traders to trade your money for you!



Let me explain:



1. Trade your own money for maximum profits:


In order to get started you will need

  • a computer (desktop or laptop, there are even trading software available to run on a cellphone of tablet),

  • internet (3G or ADSL),

  • trading software (the computer software is 100% free and can be downloaded from www.forexmasters.co.za)

  • a free demo trading account

You can experiment and practice on the free demo trading account as long as you want!


You will find instructions at www.forexmasters.co.za under Using Metatrader on the menu on how to install and use the software.


Although trading is a very exciting activity, it is difficult to trade successfully without the proper knowledge.


You can get free training at companies like eToro:





However, in order to get the best results possible,

it is necessary to get the best training possible!


Quality Training: If ever you decide to do proper training, call Forex Masters for the best training and best results!


After training you will practice some more, and as soon as you are satisfied that you can trade successfully, you are ready for the next very exciting step and that is to start trading with your own money!


You can start with a very small amount of cash and build it up to an incredible amount of money over time!


We are working with over 30 top international companies, and you are welcome to pick any of them. They are all registered as legal financial services providers in their countries of origin and several received international awards in the last few years for excellence.


If doubtful about which company to select, you are welcome to contact me to discuss your needs.


We can help you with the setup of the international account when you are ready to start trading with your own money!



<a href="http://instaforex.com/forex_bonus.php?x=CGCF">InstaForex</a>



2. Let professional traders trade your money for you!


There are people who would like to benefit from the income that can be generated by trading on the forex markets, but they do not have the time or skill to trade.


The good news is that professional traders can trade your money for you!


It will require absolutely no time or skill from your side!


This way

Anybody can make money on the managed accounts!



2.1 Trading with small amounts:


It is possible to open a trading account with a very small amount of money.


You can start with an amount of only $100.00.


They will even give you a bonus of 25% which is $25.00 when you deposit the money!


eToro Special Offer: If you send me an email message to info@forexmasters.co.za with eToro Special Offer in the heading, then I can organize an extra bonus for you! You will get a $50.00 bonus in stead of the normal $25.00 bonus. This will not cost you one cent extra!


eToro has got a system called the Copy Trader system where you can make up to 20% of your account size available to successful traders to trade it for you.





eToro has got a list of successful traders which is updated continuously. You can pick any of the traders and decide how much money you would like to connect to this trader.

  • Whenever he / she does a trade, a trade will be activate on your account.

  • Whenever they close a trade with a profit, you will have made a profit.

  • Whenever they close a trade with a loss, you will have made a loss as well.

You can log in any time into your account to see what is going on.


If you are not happy with the results of any of the traders, you can immediately remove them from your account, and make the money available to a more successful trader/s.


Insta Forex has got a larger client base which may result in better traders and larger profits for their trade copy system.


You can get a 30%  bonus if you deposit money at Insta Forex.



<a href="http://instaforex.com/forexcopy_system.php?x=CGCF">InstaForex</a>




2.2 Trading with larger amounts ($5,000 and upwards)


You will find more information on the www.forexmasters.co.za website about forex Managed Accounts and Social Trading Accounts.




You are welcome to contact me if you need more information on any aspect of forex trading or forex managed accounts.


I hope to hear from you soon!



Forex Masters


2015 - 16






Please contact the webmaster@marico.co.za for more information.


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